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La società Leroal Sas di Cataldo e Letizia Miccio & C. con codice fiscale e partita iva: 06440251210, dichiara di aver percepito per l’anno 2021, degli aiuti di stato che risultano espressamente annotati nell’ apposita sezione del Registro Nazionale degli aiuti di Stato (RNA).


Our proposal is to help you choose the best option for travel in Italy offering our experience and services to plan and see through your tour.

Our tours can be planned for any type of group. For example Cultural groups, Students and religious groups.

Some of our options:
  • Historical and cultural tours
    Travel and discover some of the most beautiful parts of Italia. Yhis tour will enable you to experiece the beauty of
    these parts and also understand the history
  • Nature Tours
    This tour offers a well thought out itinerary for those who love nature. From the countryside and mountains to the
    spectacular beaches of Cilento.
  • Park & Garden Tours
    Italy has some of the most beautiful hidden park and gardens.
  • Archeological Tours
    This tour is dedicated to the numerous archeological sites which are a testimont to the past and have resisted
  • Gastronomic Tours
    This tour teaches the art of good cooking and fine wines, discovering the gatronomical traditions of Italy.
  • Walking and Trekking Tours
    Mountain and coastal walks for those who love and respect nature.
  • Religious tours and Pilgrimages
    Trips to sacred locations and religious sanctuaries in areas devoted to Christianity.
  • Musical & Opera tours
    Big musical events, opera's and the best of italian theatre for those who love music.
  • Climatic stays
    Trips to relaxing locations such as mountain, marine and spa resorts.
  • Themed tours
    Themed itineraries travelling through Italy based on famous people, historical periods or special events...

Other than these proposals we are also available to to create your own personalised Itinerary according to your likes and dislikes, availability and budget!





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